Frequently Asked Question´s

Common questions:

1. How can I order?
1. Register in our website.

2. Browse the web and add all your purchases to the shopping basket by pressing the button “ADD TO BASKET” next to every products of the website.

3. Once all the products you want to purchase are selected in the basket, click on "CHECKOUT". You will be redirected on your shopping list page where you will be able to add more units for each product, or delete an item if needed. When you are satisfied with your list of items, you need to read and accept the General conditions and click on "CHECKOUT".

4. Write down your delivery address and click on “CONTINUE”.

5. Choose your way of payment and click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”. At any moment, you can view your previous orders, track your purchases in process and get receipts in your customer area in “MY ACCOUNT”.

2. How can I find an item/article on the website?
To make your navigation easier through our website, we classified our products with a number of categories and sub-categories really intuitive.

If you need to find a specific article, you can do it by writing its name or its reference number from Artesanía Latina in the web browser.

3. Do you deliver your products worldwide?
Presently, Artesanía Latina has launched its new website to peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands.
Soon, new countries and destinations will be added.

4. What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, acceptable forms of payment are CREDIT CARDS, COD (cash on delivery) and Paypal.

Please, consult our payment conditions here.

5. Is VAT included in the prices?
Yes, all the prices of our products on this website include VAT.

6. What are the delivery costs?
Orders to peninsular Spain:
For orders over 60 €: free delivery
For orders below 60 €: 6 €

- Orders to the Balearic Islands:
For orders over 100 €: free delivery
For orders below 100 €: 10 €

7. When will you send me my order?

Within 24/48 hours, after confirmation of the payment.

They send 24 hours after confirmation + 24 hours of delivery or 24 hours in total?

8. What are the delivery periods to receive my products at home?
- Orders to peninsular Spain: 24/48 hours.
- Orders to the Balearic Islands: 48/72 hours.

9. How do I return a purchased item and what are the conditions?
Despite our care to offer the best quality and the control of our delivery system, you can return a purchased item for one of the causes below. Please, send an email to ARTESANÍA LATINA CO. to inform us and get the return goods authorisation.
DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS: If any item of your order is defective or has been damaged during transport, you have at your disposal seven (7) days maximum, from the day you receive the item, to return it.

We will inform you on how to proceed through the corresponding return goods authorisation.
In this case, Artesanía Latina Co. will always take on the return costs.

WRONG PRODUCTS: In any case, the return of wrong products will be accepted, knowing that the return costs will always be assumed by Artesanía Latina Co., as long as the customer informed us about the incident in a period of seven (7) days from the delivery date.
OTHER REASONS: After receiving your order, if you are not entirely satisfied of your item(s), you have available seven (7) days maximum, from the date of order receipt, to carry your right of return out.
However, in that case, the return costs will be taken upon the customer. You can select the means of transport that you prefer.
In any cases, Artesanía Latina Co., after checking the conditions of the return, will proceed to the compensation of the paid amount for the returned items according to the elements mentioned in the STANDARD PROCEDURE.

STANDARD PROCEDURE: To make a return inside the national territory (peninsular Spain or Balearic Islands) for the standard procedure, follow the steps below:
1) PRIOR NOTIFICATION: Email or call Artesanía Latina Co. to communicate the reason of the return in order to obtain the appropriate authorisation.
2) CONDITION: To be accepted, it is required to receive the product in perfect condition in Artesanía Latina Co. (except for defective products or damaged during transport) and in its original packaging.
3) DOCUMENTATION: You will have to attach a note with the return including the following information: customer’s data, a photocopy of the original order receipt and a numbering of a bank account to proceed with the refund.
4) PROCEDURE: After receiving our authorisation for the return, we will send you a label by post. You will have to stick the label outside the package to proceed with the shipment and ask for its collection by calling the collecting service of SEUR.
The driver will collect the package at your home and will deliver it to our company within 24 hours, without any further inconvenience for you.
5) RECEPTION Y PAYMENT: After receiving and checking to the proper state of the package in our warehouse, we will proceed with either the replacement of the product with the same model as originally purchased, or the refund the amount of the returned product according to your means of payment for the purchase.
A) By means of credit card: The amount charged for your purchase will be refunded through the same electronic system you paid with. The refund document will be sent to your address by post with the certificate of repayment.
B) With COD (cash on delivery): If you have paid with cash on delivery, you will have to indicate us the numbering of a bank account (20 digits) in your documentation to make a transfer payment for the refund.
If you have any doubts, please write us an email or call us before asking for a return.

10. What happens if one piece of my order is missing
In that case, please contact us through the following email address: web@artesanialatina.net, indicating:
- The reference number of your product from Artesanía Latina.
- The number of the missing piece (you can find this number in the parts list).
- The number of parts that are missing in total.
In this case, Artesanía Latina Co. will always take on the return costs. You have available seven (7) days from the receipt date to communicate it.

11. Which warranty applies to my products?
We are committed to provide the highest quality product and ensure the best warranty.
Despite our care to offer the best quality and the control of our delivery system, you can return a purchased item for one of the causes below. Please, send an email to ARTESANÍA LATINA CO. to inform us and get the return goods authorisation.

12. Which languages are available in your product manuals?
The assembly instructions of our SHIPS are available in 7 different languages: Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.
The assembly instructions of our ELECTRIC AND AIRBRUSH TOOLS are available in Spanish, French and English.

13. Which delivery company are you working with?
We are working with SEUR.

14. Will I receive an order receipt?
Yes, each order will have its own detailed receipt. In addition, you can have access to all your order receipts from your customer area “my account”.

15. How can I contact the after-sales service?
You can easily contact the after-sales service by sending an email to the following address: web@artesanialatina.net.

16. Are my personal data sufficiently protected?
Yes, we make sure to respect your privacy. You can consult our legal notice and policy privacy here.

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